We offer the DreamStation Cellular Modem with full clinical support. If you are just starting out on CPAP therapy, you may have some initial difficulties. This may frustrate you to the point of giving up before you ever feel the benefit from the therapy. 


I have 25 years of experience coaching my patients to full adaptation to CPAP therapy. Little by little is the way to go about this. Many issues may disuade one from using CPAP long term. I can offer you strategies that almost always lead to an acceptance of this therapy, leading to one feeling much better during the day, and providing a benefit to your health.


With a modem, the DreamStation models of CPAP and APAP machines transmit sleep data to us. This modem is compatible with the DreamStation line of machines ONLY. It is not compatible with any other machines, and also not compatible with the DreamStation Go.


About one-hour after turning the DreamStation off, the cellular modem transmits sleep data to us. This process happens automatically. The process can also be done manually in the menus on the DreamStation machine. The modem can also be turned off temporarily by navigating to the My Setup menu and selecting "Modem Off."

DreamStation Modem with Full Clinical Support