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What We Do...

We offer assistance for those that require help adapting to CPAP therapy...
I have over 25 years of experience in coaching new CPAP patients into full adaption to this therapy. For many.... frustrations may occur when new to CPAP therapy. Over the years of treating these patients... I have developed strategies that can help one overcome these frustrations. If one dives into this therapy without good coaching... they simply learn to HATE the therapy in a few nights.... or less.

What We Don't Do...

We don't test for Sleep Apnea. We leave the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea completely up to the Physician community.
Every other CPAP machine provider in BC is testing for Sleep Apnea. This requires stringent guidelines that add expense to their businesses. In order to do Home Sleep Apnea Testing, these corporations have to comply with specific guidelines which requires them to hire highly paid Physician Medical Directors in order to comply with the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons. At Ideal Sleep, we do what we do best. We focus on giving the best advice and guidance to those that need to adapt to this therapy. 

We Offer Expert Advice at Better Value...

We offer the best prices in British Columbia for CPAP therapy...GUARANTEED. HERE'S WHY...
We don't have expensive store front locations. We don't have an expensive Physician Medical Director on staff, as we do not get involved in the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea. We deal only with those that are previously diagnosed, and those that may want the best advice and coaching, at a much lower price than the large CPAP Home Care corporations are charging.

We offer the same 30 day mask comfort warranties. We give advice, follow up, and reporting that is second to none. We offer ongoing follow up over the life of the CPAP machine.
We offer a better service than most CPAP providers, and often at HALF THE PRICE. Please see below, and call us for a FREE phone consult.

Your Personal CPAP Trainer

I have over 25 years of Respiratory Home Care experience. I have coached hundreds of sleep apnea sufferers into full adaption to CPAP therapy. The vast majority feel a benefit from the therapy. ​
  • Snoring has been eliminated
  • Deep sleep has been achieved​
  • Energy level is enhanced
  • They lead healthier lives
Registered Respiratory Therapist
In order to adapt to CPAP therapy, one needs the right nasal apparatus, proper coaching, and consistent monitoring over those first few nights and weeks of treatment. I have a high rate of success in helping my patients achieve full adaptation to this therapy. 

Click Here for Testimonials...
“There is robust evidence that the best adherence to PAP therapy only occurs if the introduction of the patient to CPAP is done with well-trained experts and if the patient is closely followed and supported by those same people.”
– Collin Sullivan
Inventor of CPAP Therapy
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