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CPAP Cleaning Instructions

To maximize the durability of your mask, please follow these instructions:

Daily:  It is important to remove the skin oil from the cushion on a regular basis. Skin oil will make the mask more difficult to seal, and will eventually distort the shape of the cushion.


Every day (or every few days if you do not have oily skin)...

1.    Remove the seal. 

2.    Get it wet under warm water. Put a generous amount of dish soap on your fingers. 
3.    With soapy fingers, gently scrub the surface of the seal that makes contact with your skin.

4.    Let dry.

You may also purchase wipes specifically designed for daily cleaning CPAP masks.  


1.    Fill up a sink with warm (not hot) soapy water.

2.    Soak the entire mask and headgear (no need to take it apart. Many won’t put it back together properly),… 

3.    Also soak the hose (fill with soapy water) and water chamber from the humidifier.

4.    Let soak for a half hour or so.

5.    Rinse with warm water and let dry.

6.    Hang the hose over the shower rod or door to dry (there may be a few water droplets that won’t dry. They will once the machine blows air through the tubing). 




1. Replace disposable filters.

2. Reusable filters should be immersed in soapy water for a half hour and given a good rinse.

3. Let dry before reinserting into the CPAP machine. It's always useful to have at least 2 reusable filters so that you may  be using one, while cleaning the other.


Arrange an appointment with us and we will ensure your machine and mask are in proper shape and working order.


Most EHB plans will reimburse for a new mask every year. It is wise to take advantage of this. You will almost always have a better fitting mask if replaced at least yearly.



1.    Do not use solutions containing bleach, chlorine, alcohol, aromatics, moisturizers, antibacterial agents or scented oils. 
2.    Use only distilled water to fill your humidifier. (If you insist on using tap water, empty the entire water chamber every night and fill with new water. DO NOT just top it up every night. You’ll develop a scaly grungy film that will be almost impossible to clean.)
3.    Never put the headgear in a clothes dryer. 
4.    Avoid using face creams. If you must, find a water based cream instead of an oil based cream. This will ensure a longer lasting mask and headgear

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