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Ideal Sleep can help you...

Our Sleep Therapists are experienced and knowledgeable. If the CPAP machine you own has a modem installed, we can pull up the data on our computers to determine how well you are doing on the therapy. We will be in frequent contact with you to obtain the help you need to fully adapt.


We encourage you to phone with any questions or problems that you may have. Our phone number is (236) 512 9236. If after hours, please leave a message and you will be reached by one of our therapists at the first opportunity. We like to keep in close touch with you especially when you are newly adjusting to CPAP therapy. The process is as described below:


  • The initial appointment covers an assessment of your sleep disorder, equipment set up, instruction and mask fitting. During the COVID 19 pandemic, we are limiting face to face contact as much as possible. We encourage you to obtain our coaching and education by way of Skype, Zoom or phone calls. Personal visits are not prohibited however, and we will follow all infection control guidelines to ensure your safety and our own.

  • You will receive a phone call or message after the first 2 nights of therapy to make sure you are off to a good start. We will give you as much of our time as necessary to assist with any difficulties. 


  • If you have Extended Health Benefits, we can assist you by providing all the necessary documentation for reimbursement.


  • We will stay in touch at least weekly, depending on how much assistance you may need. We do not limit our attention. We will provide as much assistance as is necessary.


What to bring for follow up and annual appointments:

  • For face to face appointments, please bring all of your equipment to all of your appointments. Although we have the data from the machine on our computers, we will want to physically examine the machine to ensure the filters are clean and that it is working in good order. We will also want to check the condition and fit of your mask.


  • Please make sure the water is completely emptied from the humidifier chamber.

  • Although our machines are well guarded with valves that make sure water does not enter the motor, if you travel with water in the humidifier there is always a slight chance that this may damage the machine.

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