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CPAP Machine Features

•  Data can be downloaded and analyzed by your therapist if the machine you have purchased has a modem installed. 

The data that is obtained is dependent on the model of CPAP machine that you have purchased. Information collected may simply be hours of use but could also include how well your sleep apnea is being treated, whether or not you’re still snoring, pressure changes on auto machines as well as mask fit. Some machines are also able to automatically send information to your therapist every day to make sure your therapy is going well. 

•  Air Filters – Every machine will have a filter to prevent dust from getting into the motor. Some can be rinsed to be cleaned, and some will need occasional replacement. 

•  Ramp – This feature decreases the pressure to a level chosen by you and your therapist. The pressure will then gradually increase to the chosen pressure over a set period of time. This can be especially helpful with fixed pressure machines. Ramp is activated by the patient when CPAP is turned on or at any point if the patient is awakened in the night and wanting to decrease pressures temporarily. 

•  Comfort settings are available on many machines (ie: Respironics has Cflex, Aflex and Pflex. ResMed has EPR). This is designed to decrease pressures during the exhalation phase. For patients that have difficulty breathing against the positive pressure this can be very helpful. 

 •  Some units are equipped with the setting ”Auto On“. This feature will automatically start delivering CPAP therapy if the mask is worn and the machine senses the patient inhaling. 
•  Some are equipped with ”Auto Off”, which will automatically turn the machine off if the patient removes the mask and it is blowing freely.  


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