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Remote Monitoring and Consult with a Registered Respiratory Therapist is INCLUDED!

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Your Personal CPAP Trainer

I have over 25 years of Respiratory Home Care experience. I have coached hundreds of sleep apnea sufferers into full adaption to CPAP therapy. The vast majority feel a benefit from the therapy. ​
  • Snoring has been eliminated
  • Deep sleep has been achieved​
  • Energy level is enhanced
  • They lead healthier lives
Registered Respiratory Therapist
In order to adapt to CPAP therapy, one needs the right nasal apparatus, proper coaching, and consistent monitoring over those first few nights and weeks of treatment. I have a high rate of success in helping my patients achieve full adaptation to this therapy. 
“There is robust evidence that the best adherence to PAP therapy only occurs if the introduction of the patient to CPAP is done with well-trained experts and if the patient is closely followed and supported by those same people.”
– Collin Sullivan
Inventor of CPAP Therapy
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