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We are offering the DreamStation Expert model, with humidifer and heated tubing. If this is your first CPAP machine we highly recommend purchasing this machine. A modem is included, as well as full support from a Registered Respiratory Therapist. The data is sent to a server where we can analyze the quality of therapy and give you proper advice. We hvae years of experience helping people adapt to this therapy. 


The DreamStation Expert supports patient compliance to CPAP therapy. DreamStation Expert was designed with feedback from hundreds of patients to provide a simpler PAP experience to help both new and experienced patients use therapy long-term. A suite of intuitive tools can be customized by our CPAP clinicians to choose the solution that’s right for you.


The biggest change with the DreamStation Expert vs. the standard DreamStation Auto is in the revolutionary P-Flex technology. P-Flex is a unique comfort feature that applies exhalation pressure relief in proportion to pressure. Like the rest of the Flex algorithm family, P-Flex is designed to enhance comfort. But unlike other versions of our Flex algorithm, P-Flex applies increased amounts of pressure relief as therapy pressure increases. 


What Patients are saying about DreamStation Expert?: Over 94% are "highly satisfied" 83% "significantly preferred" the Expert over their previous device Over 88% "highly recommend" the Dreamstation Expert to other PAP users.


DreamStation Expert with Full Clinical Support