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DreamWear Full Face Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack

DreamWear Full Face Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack


This configuration contains a Medium frame, and Small, Medium, Large and Medium-Wide Full Face Cushions.


Offering a unique hollow frame design, the Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask breaks tradition with its slim, under-the-nose full-face cushion. To keep your comfort top-of-mind, the DreamWear Full Face mask provides a more stable hose connection at the top of your head, which keeps tubing out of the way, prevents tension on the nasal cushion, and creates a more reliable seal.

SKU: 1133400

    Manufacturer Magnet Safety Notice: Magnets with a magnetic field strength of 400 mT are used in the mask. With the exception of the devices identified in the contraindication, ensure that the mask is kept at least 6 inches (approx. 15 cm) away from any other medical implants or medical devices that can be impacted by the magnetic fields to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. This includes household members, caregivers, and bed partners that may be in close vicinity to patients that use the masks. 

  • Features

    DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask Features and Benefits  -  Compact Cushion with Minimal Facial Touchpoints and Secure Seal, Less Bulk Than Traditional Full Face Masks, Top-Of-Head Hose Connection, Hollow Soft Frame Compatible With All Three DreamWear Masks, Magnetic Headgear Clips (See CAUTION), Includes Cushions in All Sizes

    The Respironics DreamWear Full Face Mask is Ideal For  -  Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, If You Are New CPAP Therapy, If You Have a Sensitive Nasal Bridge, If You Breathe Through Your Nose and Mouth, If You Watch T.V. or Read Before Bed, If You Want to Switch Between the DreamWear Full Face, Nasal, and Gel Pillow Masks

    Cushion Minimizes Touchpoints and Gives a More Secure Seal  -  The DreamWear Full Face covers your mouth and seals at the base of your nose like a nasal pillow mask would, providing therapy air to both with minimal contact. Unlike a traditional nasal mask, the DreamWear nasal cushion adds no excess facial pressure to the bridge of your nose and has exhalation ports on the mask cushion and tubing elbow to quietly disperse your excess air.

    Less Bulk Than Traditional Full Face Masks  -  Removing the bulk associated with conventional full face masks, the DreamWear Full Face's soft silicone frame simplifies how you receive your therapy air while accommodating your unique facial contours. Enjoy unrestricted airflow and an unobstructed view with the lowered nasal cradle and additional freedom to move with the top-of-head hose connection.

    Top-Of-Head Hose Connection Allows for More Movement  -  Comfortably fall asleep in your favorite position with the top-of-head hose connection. The DreamWear Full Face Mask eliminates all of the bulk from the front of the mask, allowing side or stomach sleepers to dream in their preferred sleeping position.

    Hollow Frame Compatible With All Three DreamWear Masks  -  Taking innovation to the next level, the versatile Silicone Frame of this Respironics face mask is compatible with all three DreamWear Mask styles: full face, nasal, and gel pillow. To easily and quickly interchange the mask frame, simply detach the full face cushion and headgear and replace it with the nasal or gel pillow DreamWear Mask and headgear.

    Supportive Headgear With Easy On/Off Magnetic Clips  -  To provide a better seal and additional support, the light-touch headgear features two bottom straps. Both are secured with magnetic clips to help anchor the headgear in place while making it easier than ever to put on and take off the DreamWear Full Face.

    Find Your True Fit: Includes Cushions in All Sizes  -  The DreamWear Full Face includes small, medium, medium wide, and large cushions, which can be helpful when looking for your true fit.

    What’s Included  -  DreamWear Full Face Mask Frame, Small, Medium, Medium Wide, and Large Under-the Nose and Mouth Cushions plus Headgear

  • Specifications

    Mask Type: Full Face

    Headgear / Frame Sizes  -  Medium

    Suggested Replacement Schedule  -  Replace your DreamWear Full Face cushion once every six months.

    Headgear Included: Yes

    Replaceable Cushion: Yes

    Cushion Type: Silicone Full Face

    Includes Multiple Cushion Sizes: Yes

    Good For  -  Active Sleepers, Mouth Breathing, Readers / TV Watchers, Wide Faces

    Sleep Position  -  Back, Side, Stomach

    Breathing Preference: Combo

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