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DreamWear Nasal Mask with Under-The-Nose Cushion - S/M Fit Pack

DreamWear Nasal Mask with Under-The-Nose Cushion - S/M Fit Pack


This DreamWear fit pack contains both Small and Medium frames, and only Small and Medium Under-The-Nose cushions. This configuration provides for the most popular sizes of frame and cushion. This package also includes the latest headgear with arms, that provides a more comfortable and stable fit. Included are fabric frame wraps for comfort.

SKU: 1142376

    THIS MASK IS SAFE for those with a pacemaker, or other medical metal implants in upper torso or head. No magnetic parts on this mask.

  • Features

    DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear Features and Benefits  -  Secure Seal Without Irritation, Minimal Facial Touchpoints, Top-of-Head Hose Connection With 360-Degree Swivel, Customize Your Fit: Includes All Three Nasal Cushion Sizes

    The DreamWear Nasal Mask is Ideal For  -  Active Sleepers, Side Sleepers, Wide Facial Structures, If You Breathe Through Your Nose, If You Watch T.V. or Read Before Bed, If You Are Claustrophobic, If You Have Facial Hair

    Get a Secure Seal Without the Irritation  -  Avoid nose bridge irritations with the DreamWear mask. The soft silicone cushion rests beneath your nostrils, letting air flow comfortably. Created to break away from traditional nasal pillow masks, the DreamWear's unique design does not use nasal prongs or nasal pillows that insert into your nostrils. This nasal cushion simply cradles your nose, making it an ideal option for those seeking a slimmer alternative to traditional nasal masks for their sleep apnea therapy.

    Minimal Facial Touchpoints for Watching T.V. or Reading  -  With the under-the-nose cushion, the Respironics DreamWear Nasal Mask features an intuitively engineered hollow frame that allows airflow from the frame to the mask cushion, eliminating bulk from the front of your face and replacing it with minimal facial touchpoints. You can catch the end of the big game, read your favorite book, or use electronics while still getting the most from your CPAP therapy. For those with sensitive skin, the DreamWear frame also includes fabric wraps.

    Top-of-Head Hose Connection With 360-Degree Swivel   -  The DreamWear CPAP Mask features a top-of-head hose connection to help keep cumbersome tubing away from your face and provide more freedom to move throughout the night. When combined with the 360-degree swivel tubing attachment, you’ll experience fewer hose tangles and keep the DreamWear nasal cushion from shifting or leaking.

    Customize Your Fit: Includes Small and Medium only Cushion Sizes  -  To take the guesswork out of finding your ideal size, this DreamWear Fit Pack comes equipped with the most popular sizes of nasal cushions and frames. 

    What’s Included  -  Mask With Small and Medium Frame, Headgear-With-Arms, and Small and Medium Nasal Cushions plus Fabric Frame Wraps.

  • Specifications

    Mask Type  -  Nasal

    Headgear / Frame Sizes:  -  Small and Medium

    Suggested Replacement Schedule:  -  The nasal cushion for the DreamWear Nasal should be replaced once every six months.

    Headgear-With-Arms Included  -  Yes

    Replaceable Cushion  -  Yes

    Cushion Type: Under-The-Nose Silicone

    Includes Multiple Cushion Sizes  -  Small and Medium only

    Good For  -  Active Sleepers, Claustrophobia, Facial Hair, Readers / TV Watchers, Wide Faces

    Sleep Position  -  Back, Side, Stomach

    Breathing Preference  -  Nose

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